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NEW NATION-WIDE INITIATIVE that we call EAGLE RISING that is part of our expanding BeTheExample Contest focused on Sustainable Practices was A HUGE SUCCESS in 2018!  EAGLE RISING turned out being our main focus, given it was an election year.  We created Climate Hubs in each state capital we traveled to, to work with state legislators to ADVANCE RENEWABLE POWER in their state.  We started by having fellow citizens  sign the Petition going to their governor - SEE THE 2nd LINK BELOW .

THE STATES WE ARE FIRST FOCUSED ON in 2018 were:  Connecticut, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Texas, taking the Contest to STATE CAPITALS.  The petition shows Florida but we replaced it with Colorado, putting Florida first on the list for April 2019.

WE REQUEST YOUR SUPPORT with our new GoFUNDME campaign -

WE ARE ADDING CAMPUS PRESENCE TOO and have a homeowner Entry Form, as well as a student/renter version.  SEE FORMS BELOW. For 2019 petitions, pls go to 

Our BE THE EXAMPLE CONTEST is how we will move this as an on-going campaign in these 7 state capitals, and visits in 2019.  Stay tuned!

OUR EagleRising PETITION asks the governors and candidates running for governor (if an election year), to key environmental legislators, to mainstream Renewable Power.  HERE WAS THE LINK for 2018 -

 SOME EXAMPLES of action to win points in the Contest, are:

- reducing energy and water use in your home

- going organic/non-GMO in your diet


BeTheExample Contest ENTRY FORM (homeowners)
 Sponsored by Transition Express Inc – Danville CA
By entering this environmental contest, you commit to: up to 3 ACTIONS in any LEVEL that you HAVE DONE in the last year, by putting a CHECK MARK by the action AND  3 ACTIONS you WILL TAKE at any LEVEL by putting a W by the action. IF YOUR EVENT LETS YOU SIGN UP AFTER THE EVENT, then please scan and submit your form to office@BeTheExample.vpweb.comPLEASE KEEP 2nd COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS.  Thank you for signing up on this NATIONWIDE EFFORT!  
NAME/email/phone info -
CITY/STATE/zipcode –
BASIC                                                              LIGHT – add 1 pt. per $100 action
__remove part of lawn/low-water design             __install programmable thermostat
__add more organic or vegan to diet                     __be an all low-flow shower head home
__be an all-CFL/LED home                                  __mulch all outdoor plants/trees
__sign petition for state  to fully fund                        __water landscaping before sunrise
     Ecosystem Restoration -  see                                  __put all food waste in Green Waste bin:                         egg shells and tea bags too
         HALF to FULL – add 5 pts per $1000 action/save $ on solar lease? 5 pts per $1000 saved
         __upgrade one  appliance to Energy Star,            __upgrade to an EnergyStar furnace/
                  refrig/water heater = 2 added pts each                 AC or Home Fan
         __be an all low flow/dual flush home                   __install insulation in walls or attic
         __install drip irrigation to landscaping                __install double or triple-pane
         __switch from desktop to laptop, 1 family member          windows in key exposed areas
         __lease solar:  see choices of companies at          __upgrade car to hybrid or EV.
                    __remove half of lawn on property, redesign
         __at least 1 member of family goes mostly               using low-water plantings
             100% organic or mostly vegan                         __upgrade car to HYBRID or EV

         25 POINTS ADDED for the following:
        __ willing to off this CONTEST next year in my community
       __ will find 2 friends/family members OUT OF STATE for our two 2019 petitions on
             RENEWABLE POWER in 16 states, and COOLING OUR PLANET (Ecosystem Restoration)
              in all 50 states.
       __EXTRA 25 PTS:  ___will find 2 sets of petition signatures in the LIST OF 16 states* on both
                                                 RenewableEnergy and EcosystemRestoration petitions
                                        ___will start planning to have an ALL-ELECTRIC home (no gas appliances)

        TOTAL POINTS = 

       * 16 STATES ARE:  AZ, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MI, NC, OH, PA, TX, VA, WA & WI.

ENTRY FORM - renter/student version
    Thank you for signing up!

NAME/email&phone contact -

CITY/STATE/zipcode -

COMMIT TO TAKE ACTION in next year with a W; 1 pt per action:

  __eat/drink organic/non-GMO

  __use re-usable water bottle

  __commit to having 2 or less children

  __commit to leasing/purchasing HYBRID or EV (electric vehicle)

  __purchase only 100% recycled paper

  __consider myself an advocate for RenewablePower/ZeroWaste

  __avoid plastic use as much as possible; advocate for this

  __purchase bamboo/hemp or organic cotton clothing

  __follow Monterey Aquarium's Seafood Watch for eating fish sustainably

  __use re-usable bags when shopping

  __clean my recycling; advocate for green waste (food waste, tea bags, etc)


      TOTAL PTS  =  ________


SUGGESTED DVDs for house parties:  
A Fierce Green Fire:  a history of the climate movement 
Cowspiracy:  a humorous take on going vegan   
The 11th Hour: Leo diCaprio's documentary and 
HOME: a beautiful visual honoring of our planet;
it has an accompanying book by the same title.

WE CREATED SUPPORT AMONG RETAILERS/SERVICES IN OUR AREA for this Contest, listing most on a Thank You card, for citizens signing up with the Contest.  
THE FOLLOWING LISTS THEM ALL, as an example to be done in other communities; RESTAURANTS are also on our list, offering 10 to 15% off on meals or a free drink.
McHALE INSULATION - 10% off a standard attic insulation, not to be combined with other discounts.  Call Dan @ 925-825-9780
retailers listed on the THANK YOU card are:
ACE Hardware (Alamo and Blackhawk locations), REI (any location, coupons limited, so enter soon for this), SLOAT and TASSAJARA nurseries in Danville.

services listed on the THANK YOU card are
ACE and TASSAJARA landscaping,  LIVING ART trees&landscaping, TYNDALL heating&air, BEN FRANKLIN plumbing.

PLEASE NOTE:  this THANK YOU card is designed to be shown with any sale or transaction with a retailer, service or restaurant supporting this Contest.
Sponsored by the new non-profit, Transition Express Inc.  
This Contest was inspired by a national competition to reduce energy use with energy efficiency:  the Georgetown University Energy Prize - see   


BELOW - our  nation-wide Climate Team effort:
In the SUMMER of 2013, with the help of our 4 high school interns, the Transition Express Campaign began forming city Climate Teams, mainly in California in the SF Bay Area, but helped form others elsewhere in the US.  We will be continuing this effort, moving the 100% renewable agenda across the country.  These Climate Teams will end up helping create more CCAs, county by county, getting us on track to become a clean energy economy.
This website is dedicated to sharing ideas on how to creatively build these teams.
WHY CLIMATE TEAMS?  To build more community among the 12% of Americans who are engaged in the reality of climate change, to
ONE -  move more engagement in our own communities for smarter low carbon consumer choices, and
TWO - speak to interested Mayors and Vice Mayors, to begin taking steps to trend towards 100% renewable power, similar to what Marin/Sonoma counties are doing, using Community Choice Aggregation Energy (CCA), and counties in 5 other states.  
Details on this can be found at , a non-profit based in Mill Valley CA.
See how Marin county's CCA looks like at
... this new CUTTING EDGE movement is emerging, for going 100% Renewable, starting with a blueprint study by Jacobson et al. for the state of New York to go 100% renewable by 2030, a peer-reviewed article that was published in the Energy Policy Journal, in March 2013.  The lead author of the study is Professor Mark Jacobson, environmental engineer at Stanford University.
All 50 states now have blueprints, available at ...
What 100% renewable means: 
the city, once it is fully 100% renewable, means its entire electrical needs - citywide - are from renewable sources:  solar, water, wind, and geothermal.
See more details on how this is growing globally, in 8 countries, in over 38 cities, 49 regions and 8 utilities, and more, at and .
This new 100% Renewable movement is sending a loud and bold message to all Americans, that it is as simple as talking to your Mayor, and connecting them to the experts at Lean Energy in Mill Valley CA, then rally a base of support in your community (where we come in), moving city by city, town by town, to the renewable-based nation we need and envision having. 
With all of us getting more invested...IT WILL HAPPEN!
We encourage you to join us at one of the following levels.
Geothermally BRONZE level -
Sign up to receive our weekly/news breaking emails, to read and pass them on, AND sign all of our current petitions.  You can find them at   Send us your email address for weekly emails, by accessing Contact Us, in the upper left hand column, or send to .
Windswept SILVER level -
All of the above, PLUS:   take a major step this year to take Fossil Fuel out of your life, and put Renewable Energy into it, using our guideline with 17 ways to go low carbon.  Taking major steps would mean, taking action on your home, even if you rent, and how you eat and travel. 
Find this guideline at .  
Create a Climate Team of 6 to 12, that works together on this, meeting regularly. 
We encourage motivated high school students and college/university students to do this too - taking regular action in your greater community, either on campus or beyond campus, to motivate others to transition to more renewables and other sustainable practices in their lifestyle.  We encourage printing up the home page of our Low Carbon Pledge website, or this website, as a handout, outside of Farmers Markets or a public location with high foot traffic, or a popular playground, connecting with parents.   Start a local climate conversation!
Solar leasing GOLD level -
All of the above, PLUS:  use the opening of a city/town council meeting, having a spokesperson for your Climate Team make a brief public statement, up to 3 minutes per speaker,  asking for action on Community Choice Aggregation or CCA (see ), for your city/town to go 100% renewable, similar to what SF and Marin/Sonoma counties are doing in CA.  Other states that have legislation for this, are:  Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey. We are focused on this effort currently, and welcome residents in these 6 states to contact us, who want to learn what the process will take.  We have  petitions focused on renewable action - one local, one nation/international.  Replicate the local one and create one for your community.  We welcome your signature, at
AND, ONE MORE ACTION, is on Fossil Fuel Divestment,  CITY WIDE:  
Ideas on how to do this, can be found at - an effort being organized by, founded and directed by journalist/author and Middlebury College professor, Bill McKibben.
We encourage your team to buy organic t-shirts we have designed, from, in Augusta GA, to help give your team more presence in your community, and show you are part of a larger national effort, going 100% renewable, and whatever other focus you think matches your community push on sustainable practices. 
See details BELOW,  on how to place an order.   We also list resources below, that we recommend to add to your team's knowledge on climate:  readable books, calming CDs for meetings/upbeat CDs for outdoor setting events, and compelling DVDs, that will build a stronger team, for relating to the public. 
Efficiently clean energy PLATINUM level -
All of the above, PLUS:  send in Letters to Editors, on articles, editorials and other letters sent in to newspapers, whenever climate issues surface, in local and national newspapers, to encourage other Americans to find affordable ways to divest of Fossil Fuel, going 100% renewable,  helping to make this an active national conversation. 
We hope to add you to a list of Climate Champions, who we can celebrate every year.  Let us know what YOU are doing, to help move the 100% renewables/sustainable practices movement.  We want to hear from you!
LAUNCHING - our recommendations for resources for your Climate Team...
email us about bumper/car stickers available from Cafe Press...
T-SHIRTs - with sayings we featured for EARTH WEEK 2013.  Minimum order of 12, mixing sizes possible.  Email us at, to get the image emailed to you, with ordering information with
Going 100% Renewable is doable.
Start with your city mgr.
Details @
on dijon or papaya-colored, organic unisex shirt.  Screen printed.
How much more
can you go 
low carbon? 
same as above.
We have the tech know-how
to go 100% renewable.
What are we waiting for?
same as above.
Let's redesign our world
with 100% renewables
details @
same as above
BOOKS CDs & DVDs  - why we recommend them.
ALL THAT WE SHARE:  field guide to the commons, Jay Walljasper/Intro by Bill McKibben - a most readable source on why we need to all support our shared commons.
ECOMIND:  changing the way we think, to create the world we want,
Frances Moore Lappe a forceful perspective, taking on the reasons not to act.
DESIGNING HEALTHY COMMUNITIES, Richard Jackson with Stacy Sinclair -
from a public health/pediatric physician, comes a refreshing way to redesign how we live.
FOODOPOLY:  the battle over the future of food and farming in America,
Wenonah Hauter another urgent way to take our climate movement to Congress.
FULL PLANET, EMPTY PLATES: the new geopolitics of food scarcity,
Lester Brown - this revered mega-researcher's latest, keeping us on the cutting edge.
MORAL GROUND:  ethical action for a planet in peril, Kathleen Moore and Michael Nelson, editors/Foreword by Desmond Tutu - a significant collection and statement on the moral imperative for urgent action, from a wide range of visionaries.
NATURE's FORTUNE:  how business and society thrive by investing in nature,
Mark Tercek and Jonathan Adams - how our economy can and needs to be designed around our natural assets, not the other way around.
ORIGINAL Instructions:  indigenous teachings for a sustainable future -
a much needed reminder of the importance of the Native perspective on our natural world.
ROOFTOP REVOLUTION:  how solar power can save our economy and our planet from dirty energy, Danny Kennedy/Foreward by General Wesley Clark -
a powerful personal narrative from the CEO of Sungevity with a compelling insider's view of the blossoming renewables industry.
SOIL NOT OIL:  environmental justice in an age of climate crisis, Vandana Shivaa revered scientific voice from India, leading us forward to a better world, agriculturally.
our recommended list of books by Bill McKibben, including a reader that he is part of:
American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau, Deep Economy, eaarth:  making a life on a tough new planet, and The Post Carbon Reader: managing the 21st century's sustainability crises.
The EcoQuiz Deck, from the Sierra Club:  how much do you now about shrinking your Ecological Footprint? - smart cards that will influence many corners of your life.
Published by - catalogue #SC0120
for the younger set, a great series for reading out loud, by Frank Asch:  
The Earth and I, Like a Windy Day, The Sun is my Favorite Star and Water.
CDs -
ARCTIC REFUGE:  a gathering of tribes - Native American songs and drumming, dedicated to preserving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
CANYON TRILOGY, R. Carlos Nakai - calming Native American flute music.
HERE COMES THE SUN, Benedetti and Pupping - acoustical guitar music of  favorites from the Beatles, Elton John, Simon and Garfunkel, and more. 
PRAYER,  A Windham Hill Collection - spiritually calming instrumental sound, from this highly acclaimed collection, includes Bach's Ave Maria, Sanctus from Faure's Requiem, Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus, and more.
DVDs -
HOME:  a stunning visual portrayal of earth, film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, narrated by Glenn Close - a beautifully inspiring, yet stark statement, on the need to hold on to the world we all call homeIt has a companion book by the same title.
JOURNEY TO PLANET EARTH: PLAN B, Lester Brown's documentary complements his Plan B book series/narrated by Matt Damon - this revered agrarian economist reveals to both Asia and American audiences, his basics on why moving to Plan B, going 80% renewable, is doable by 2020.
RACHEL CARSON'S Silent Spring: American Experience on PBS - considered the mother of the environmental/Earth Day/climate movement, who not only knew her biology, but shared her infectious love for our natural world, and sparked a revolution we still need to finish today.
  please share us with your networks - thank you! 
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